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The Acting Judges Act, 1867

( ACT NO. XVI OF 1867 )

An Act to authorize the making of acting appointments to certain Judicial Offices.
WHEREAS the 1[President], is empowered by divers enactments to appoint the Judges of certain Courts in 2[Bangladesh]: And whereas it has been doubted whether he [* * *] is empowered to appoint persons to act temporarily as such Judges, and it is expedient to remove such douIt;It is hereby enacted follows:-
Power to appoint acting Judges
1. In every case in which the 3[President], has power under any Act or Regulation to appoint a Judge of any Court,
such power shall be taken to include the power to appoint any person capable of being appointed a permanent Judge of such Court, to act as Judge of the same Court for such time as the 4[President], shall direct. Every person so appointed to act temporarily as a Judge of any such Court shall have the powers and perform the duties which he would have had and been liable to perform in case he had been duly appointed a permanent Judge of the same Court.
Certain enact-ments to be construed as if they contained a clause like section 1 of this Act
2. Every such Act and Regulation shall be construed as if it contained a special clause to the purport or effect of the first section of this Act.

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