Laws of Bangladesh

The Naval Armament Act, 1923

( ACT NO. VII OF 1923 )

Seizure, detention and search of ships
7.(1) Where a ship is liable to forfeiture under this Act,-
(a) any Magistrate of the 1st class, or
(b) any commissioned officer on full pay in the armed forces of Bangladesh, or
(c) any officer of customs or police-officer not below such rank as may be designated in this behalf by the Government,
may seize such ship and detain it, and, if the ship is found at sea within the territorial waters of Bangladesh, may bring it to any convenient port in Bangladesh.
(2) Any officer taking any action under sub-section (1) shall forthwith report the same through his official superiors to the Government.
(3) The Government shall, within thirty days of the seizure, either cause the ship to be released or made or cause to be made, in the manner, hereinafter provided, an application for the forfeiture thereof, and may make such orders for the temporary disposal of the ship as it thinks suitable.

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