Laws of Bangladesh



Police how to act on receiving intelligence of intended sacrifice

Second.- Immediately on receiving intelligence that the sacrifice declared illegal by this Regulation is likely to occur, the police daroga shall either appear in person to the spot, or depute his muharrir or jamadar, accompanied by one or more barkandazes and it shall be the duty of the police officers to announce to the persons assembled for the performance of the ceremony that it is illegal, and to endeavour to prevail on them to disperse, explaining to them that, in the event of their persisting in it, they will involve themselves in a crime and become subject to punishment by the Criminal Courts.

Should the parties assembled proceed in defiance of these remonstrances to carry the ceremony into effect, it shall be the duty of the police officers to use all lawful means in their power to prevent the sacrifice from taking place, and to apprehend the principal persons aiding and abetting in the performance of it; and in the event of the police officers being unable to apprehend them they shall endeavour to ascertain their names and places of abode, and shall immediately communicate the whole of the particulars to the Magistrate or Joint Magistrate for his orders.

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