Laws of Bangladesh

1The Public Gambling Act, 1867

( ACT NO. II OF 1867 )

2[1A]. "gaming" includes wagering or betting except wagering or betting upon a horse-race, when such wagering or betting takes place-
(a) on the day of which such race is to be run,
(b) in an enclosure which the Stewards controlling such race have, with the sanction of the Government, set apart for the purpose, and
(c) (i) with a licensed bookmaker, or
(ii) by means of a totalisator as defined in section 14 of the
3[* * *] Amusements Tax Act, 1922
but does not include a lottery.
"instruments of gaming" includes any article used as a means or appurtenance of, or for the purpose of carrying on or facilitating, gaming; and
"common gaming-house" means any house, room, tent, or walled enclosure, or space, or vehicle, or any place whatsoever, in which any instruments of gaming are kept or used for the profit or gain of the person owning, occupying, using or keeping such house, room, tent, enclosure, space, vehicle or place, whether by way of charge for the use of such house, room, tent, enclosure, space, vehicle, place or instruments or otherwise howsoever.

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