Laws of Bangladesh

The Jute Regulation Act, 1940 (Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. V OF 1940 )

Examination and registration of areas of land on which jute is grown in any year
14. (1) The Government may by notification, direct that an examination shall be made of all lands on which jute was grown in any year by any grower of jute, and the Director of Land Records shall thereupon, in the prescribed manner and form, cause such an examination to be made.
(2) The Director of Land Records or any person authorised by him by general or special order in this behalf, shall in the prescribed manner report to the Sub-divisional Magistrate every case in which jute has been grown in the said year on any land not so specified in a licence issued under section 10.
(3) For the purpose of making the examination referred to in sub section (1), the Director of Land Records and any person authorised by him by general or special order in this behalf may enter upon, examine in such manner as he thinks fit, and make a survey of, any land on which he has reason to believe that jute was grown in the said year, and may, subject to the rules, exercise all or any of the powers conferred upon a recording officer by sub section (4) of section 3.
(4) No person shall be entitled to compensation for any damage done in good faith to any land or to any crop thereon in connection with any entry, examination or survey made under sub section (3).

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