Laws of Bangladesh

The Money-Lenders Act, 1940 (Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. X OF 1940 )

Chapter IV


Duty of money-lender to keep accounts
24. (1) Every money-lender shall keep and maintain at least a cash book, a ledger and a receipt book in such form or forms as may be prescribed, and the same shall be written in Bengali or English in the regular course of business.
(2) Every money-lender shall-
(a) deliver to the borrower at the time a loan is advanced a statement in Bengali or English as the borrower may
desire, in such form as may be prescribed and showing such details of the conditions of the loan and such other information connected therewith as may be prescribed;
(b) give to the borrower a plain and complete receipt for every payment made on account of any loan at the time of such payment;
(c) upon repayment in full of a loan mark indelibly with words indicating full payment or cancellation every paper signed by the borrower, and discharge any mortgage, restore any pledge, return any note and cancel any assignment given by the borrower as security.
(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Evidence Act, 1872, a copy of the account referred to in sub-section (1) shall, if certified in such manner as may be prescribed, be admissible as evidence of the contents of such account.

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