Laws of Bangladesh

The Agricultural Produce Cess Act, 1940

( ACT NO. XXVII OF 1940 )

Regulations by Committee
11. The Committee may, with the previous sanction of the Government, make regulations not inconsistent with this Act or with any other Act under which the proceeds of any cesses are payable to it or with any rules made thereunder to provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:-
(a) the appointment of Sub Committees and the delegation thereto of any powers exercisable under this Act by the Committee;
(b) the method of appointment, removal and replacement and the term of office of members of the Sub Committee, and for the filling of vacancies therein;
(c) the dates, times and places for meetings of the Committee and the Sub Committees and the procedure to be observed at such meetings;
(d) the circumstances in which security may be demanded from officers and servants of the Committee, and the amount and nature of such security in each case;
(e) the times at which, and the circumstances in which, payments may be made out of the provident fund and the conditions on which such payments shall relieve the fund from further liability;
(f) the contribution, if any, payable from the funds of the Committee to the provident fund; and
(g) generally all matters incidental to the provident fund and the investment thereof.

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