Laws of Bangladesh

The Public Health (Emergency Provisions) Ordinance, 1944

( Ordinance NO. XXI OF 1944 )

Power to require local authorities to take health measures
3. (1) The Government may by order in writing require any local authority to take within such period as may be specified in the order such measures as may be so specified, being measures which are in the opinion of 1[the Government] necessary for any purpose of this Ordinance; and thereupon it shall be the duty of the local authority to comply with the order within the specified period.
(2) If in the opinion of the Government a local authority which has been ordered under sub section (1) to take any measures has failed to take, or is unlikely to complete, such measures within the period specified in the order, the Government may, without prejudice to any other action which may be taken under this Ordinance, authorise any person to take or complete, as the case may be, the said measures; and the person so authorised may for the purpose exercise all or any of the powers of the local authority or of any committee or officer of the local authority conferred by or under any law for the time being in force, issue such directions as he thinks fit to the officers or servants of the local authority, and if he finds it necessary or expedient so to do, employ any outside agency.
(3) All charges and expenses incurred by a local authority in complying with an order under sub section (1) or by a person authorised under sub section (2) shall, except to such extent, if any, as the Government may direct to be paid out of its revenues, be paid out of its revenues, be paid out of the funds of the local authority.

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