Laws of Bangladesh

The Protection and Conservation of Fish Act, 1950 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XVIII OF 1950 )

1[2. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-
(1) “Current Jal” means fishing net made of monofilament synthetic nylon fibre of different mesh sizes;
(2) “Fish” includes all cartilaginous, bony fishes, prawn, shrimp, amphibians, tortoise, turtles, crustacean animals, molluscs, echinoderms and frogs at all stages in their life history;
(3) “Fishery” means any water body, natural or artificial, open or closed, flowing or stagnant (such as river, haor, baor, beel, floodplain, canal etc.) where activities for growing fish, or for conservation, development, demonstration, breeding, exploitation or disposal of fish or of living organisms related to such activities are undertaken, but does not include an artificial aquarium of fish used as decorative article, pond or tank;
(4) “Fishery Officer” means any person whom, the Government or any officer empowered by the Government in this behalf, may appoint to carry out all or any of the purposes of this Act or to do anything required by this Act or by any rule made thereunder to be done by such officer:
Provided that, no police officer shall be so empowered;
(5) “Fishing net” means the nets which are specially meant for catching different species of fishes from water bodies and it is one type of fishing gear made of different types of yarns including synthetic yarns of different mesh sizes other than Current Jal. The common tanning materials of net are fruit of gab (Diospyros embryopteris) bark of Goran (Ceriops roxburghiana) and Coal-tar;
(6) “Fixed engine” means any net, cage, trap or other contrivance for catching fish, fixed in the earth or made stationary in any other way.]

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    Section (2) was substituted by section 2 of the Protection and Conservation of Fish (Amendment) Ordinance, 2002 (Ordinance No. XX of 2002)
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