Laws of Bangladesh

The Town Improvement Act, 1953 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XIII OF 1953 )

Chapter II


Conduct of Business

Supply of documents and information to the Government
31. (1) The Chairman shall forward to the Government a copy of the minutes of the proceeding of each meeting of the Kartripakkha, within ten days from the date on which the minutes of the proceedings of such meeting were signed as 1[* * *].
2[(1A) If, in the opinion of the Chairman, any resolution passed by the Kartripakkha is not in conformity with law, or is, in any way, against public interest, the Chairman shall, while forwarding a copy thereof, bring this fact to the notice of the Government making his own suggestion for requisite action in the matter. Till orders are received from the Government, the execution of the resolution shall be held in abeyance.]
(2) If the Government so directs in any case, the Chairman shall forward to it a copy of all papers which were laid before the Kartripakkha for consideration at any meeting.
(3) The Government may require the Chairman to furnish it with-
(a) any return, statement, estimate, statistics or other information regarding any matter under the control of the Kartripakkha, or
(b) a report on any such matter, or
(c) a copy of any document in the charge of the Chairman.
(4) The Government may, at any time, cause an investigation to be made, by an officer appointed in this behalf, into the affairs of the Kartripakkha and take such remedial measures as may be warranted by the findings of such investigation.

  • 1
    The words, figure, comma, brackets and letter “prescribed in section 20, clause (h)” were omitted by section 10 of the Town Improvement (Amendment) Act, 1987 (Act No. XXIX of 1987)
  • 2
    Sub-section (1A) was inserted by section 12 of the Town Improvement (Amendment) Ordinance, 1965 (East Pakistan Ordinance No. III of 1965)
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