Laws of Bangladesh

The Town Improvement Act, 1953 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. XIII OF 1953 )

Chapter III


When improvement scheme may be framed
38. Whenever it appears to the Kartripakkha, whether upon an official representation made under section 43 or without such a representation,-
(a) that any buildings in any area which are used or are intended to be used as dwelling places, are unfit for human habitation, or
(b) that danger to the health of the inhabitants of buildings in any area, or in the neighbouring buildings, is caused by-
(i) the narrowness, closeness and bad arrangement and condition of streets or buildings or groups of buildings in such area, or
(ii) the want of light, air, ventilation or proper conveniences in such area, or
(iii) any other sanitary defects in such area, or
(c) that for the purpose of-
(i) providing building sites, or
(ii) developing and improving any area, or
(iii) remedying defective ventilation, or
(iv) creating new, or improving existing, means of communication and facilities for traffic, or
(v) affording better facilities for conservancy,
it is expedient to lay out new streets or to alter existing streets (including bridges, culverts and cause-ways), or
(d) that it is necessary to provide in any area, parks, open spaces, playgrounds or similar amenities, or
(e) that it is expedient and for the public advantage to provide-
(i) housing accommodation, or
(ii) buildings for public use and convenience, or
(iii) an adequate water-supply, or
(iv) a drainage, and sewerage scheme,
the Kartripakkha may pass a resolution to that effect and may then proceed to frame an improvement scheme.

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