Laws of Bangladesh

The Control of Disorderly and Dangerous Persons (Goondas) Act, 1954 (East Bengal Act)

( ACT NO. IV OF 1954 )

Appointment and duties of Probation Officer
25. (1) The Government shall, in each city or town for which a Tribunal has been constituted, appoint an officer of police not lower in rank than a Deputy Superintendent of Police to be a Probation Officer.
(2) It shall be the duty of the Probation Officer under the general control of the Tribunal-
(a) to have the superintendence of all goondas and dangerous goondas in the city or town in which he has been appointed with a view to preventing them from evil association and assisting in their rehabilitation as useful citizens;
(b) to make reports at prescribed times and in the prescribed manner to the Tribunal regarding the general behaviour of each such goonda, and the manner of dealing with him;
(c) to make recommendations, as and when justified by the general behaviour of any such goonda for releasing him from any bond for good behaviour or from any order of prohibition or detention made in respect of him under sub-section (1)(b) or sub-section (1)(c) or sub-section (2)(a) or sub-section (2)(b) of section 14, as the case may be; and
(d) to make recommendations, as and when justified by marked improvement in the general behaviour, manner of life and character of any goonda or dangerous goonda that his name may be removed from any list on which it is carried.

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