Laws of Bangladesh

The Probation of Offenders Ordinance, 1960

( Ordinance NO. XLV OF 1960 )

Effects of discharge and probation
11. (1) A conviction of an offence, for which an order is made under section 4 or section 5 for discharging the offender after the due admonition or conditionally or placing him on probation, shall be deemed not to be a conviction for any purpose other than the purposes of the proceedings in which the order is made and of any subsequent proceedings which may be taken against the offender under the provisions of this Ordinance:
Provided that where an offender, being not less than eighteen years of age at the time of his conviction of an offence for which an order discharging him conditionally or placing him on probation is made, is subsequently sentenced under this Ordinance for that offence, the provisions of this sub-section shall cease to apply to the conviction.
(2) Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions of this section, the conviction of an offender who is discharged after due admonition or conditionally, or who is placed on probation, shall in any event be disregarded for the purposes of any law which imposes any disqualification or disability upon convicted persons, or authorises or requires the imposition of any such disqualification or disability.
(3) The foregoing provisions of this section shall not affect-
(a) any right of any such offender to appeal against his conviction, or to rely thereon in bar of any subsequent proceedings for the same offence;
(b) the revesting or restoration of any property in consequence of the conviction of any such offender.

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