Laws of Bangladesh

The Medical Colleges (Governing Bodies) Ordinance, 1961

( Ordinance NO. XIII OF 1961 )

Constitution of Governing Bodies
3. (1) As soon as may be after the commencement of this Ordinance, the Government shall, for the efficient administration and management of the affairs of all Medical Colleges 1[* * *], by notification in the official Gazette, constitute for each such college a Governing Body consisting of such number of members not exceeding fifteen as may be appointed by it.
(2) Not more than one third of the members shall be chosen directly by the Government and the remaining members shall be chosen from amongst persons proposed by such institutions, bodies or organisations as the Government may, from time to time, by notification in the official Gazette, specify:
Provided that in the case of the Governing Body for a Medical College in a district in which there is a University, the Vice-Chancellor of such University shall be appointed as one of the members.
(3) The Government shall appoint one of the members to be the Chairman of the Governing Body:
Provided that where the Vice-Chancellor of a University is a member of the Governing Body, he shall be the Chairman thereof.
(4) The Chairman as such and the members chosen directly by the Government shall hold office during the pleasure of the Government and the other members shall, unless earlier required to vacate by the Government, hold office for a term of three years and shall be eligible for re-appointment.

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