Laws of Bangladesh

The Navy Ordinance, 1961

( Ordinance NO. XXXV OF 1961 )

Chapter VI


(vii) Prize Offences

Other prize offences
54. Every person subject to this Ordinance who-
(a) strikes or otherwise ill-treats any person who is on board a ship, vessel or aircraft when taken as prize, or unlawfully takes from any such person anything in his possession;
(b) removes out of any ship, vessel or aircraft taken as prize (otherwise than as safe keeping or for necessary use and service of any of the forces) any goods not previously adjudged by a prize Court to be lawful prize; or
(c) breaks bulk on board any ship, vessel or aircraft taken as prize, or detained in exercise of any belligerent right or under any enactment, with intent to commit breach of trust or dishonestly misappropriates anything therein,
shall be liable to suffer long imprisonment.

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