Laws of Bangladesh

The Navy Ordinance, 1961

( Ordinance NO. XXXV OF 1961 )

Chapter XI


109. (1) At all trials by courts-martial, as soon as the court is assembled, the names of the president and members shall be read over in the presence of the accused, who shall thereupon be asked whether he objects to being tried by any officer sitting on the court.
(2) If the accused objects to any such officer, his objection, and also the reply thereto of the officer objected to, shall be heard and recorded, and the remaining officers appointed as members of the court shall, in the absence of the challenged officer, decide on the objection.
(3) If objection is made in respect of the president, and allowed by one-half or more of the officers entitled to vote, the court shall adjourn until a new president is appointed by the convening authority.
(4) If the objection is made in respect of any member of the court other than the president and allowed as specified above, the member objected to shall retire, and his vacancy shall be filled by the first officer nominated as a spare member, under sub-section (2) of section 99 who is qualified to be and is not already a member of the court.
(5) When no objection is made, or objection made has been disallowed, or the place of every officer successfully objected to has been filled by another officer to whom no objection is made, or objection made is disallowed, the court shall proceed with the trial.

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