Laws of Bangladesh

The Survey Act, 1875

( ACT NO. V OF 1875 )

Summary apportionment between zamindar and tenure-holders
31. Notwithstanding anything in this Part contained, whenever the Collector may consider that he has sufficient information (whether derived from papers compiled for the purposes of the road-cess, from inquiries made in the course of proceedings under this Act, or otherwise) to enable him in a summary way to make an apportionment of any expenses recoverable under this Act in respect of any estate, between the zamindars of, and the holders of, tenures in such estate, the Collector may, as soon as possible after he shall have made a provisional apportionment under section 24 of the sum payable in respect of such estate, and without calling on the zamindar to
give in any list of tenures as provided in clause (e) of section 25, proceed to make a provisional apportionment between the zamindars and the tenure-holders of such estates of the sum which has been provisionally apportioned under section 24 as payable in respect of the estate.

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