Laws of Bangladesh

The Irrigation Act, 1876

( ACT NO. III OF 1876 )

Offences under Act Penalty
93. Whoever, voluntarily and without proper authority, does any of the acts following, that is to say:-
(1) damages, alters, enlarges or obstructs any canal or drainage-work;
(2) interferes with, increases or diminishes the supply of water in, or the flow of water from, through, over or under any canal or drainage-work, or by any means raises or lowers the level of the water in any canal or drainage work;
(3) being responsible for the maintenance of a village- channel, or using a village-channel, neglects to take proper precautions for the prevention of waste of the water thereof, or interferes with the authorized distribution of the water therefrom, or uses such water in an unauthorized manner;
(4) corrupts or fouls the water of any canal so as to render it less fit for the purposes for which it is ordinarily used;
(5) destroys, defaces or moves any level-mark or water-gauge fixed by the authority of a public servant;
(6) destroys or removes any apparatus, or part of any apparatus, for controlling or regulating the flow of water in any canal or drainage-work;
(7) passes, or causes animals or vehicles to pass, in or across any of the works, banks or channels of a canal contrary to rules made under this Act after he has been desired to desist therefrom;
(8) without the permission of the canal-officer causes, or knowingly and wilfully permits, any cattle to graze upon any flood-embankments, or tethers, or causes or knowingly and
wilfully permits any cattle to be tethered upon any such embankments, or roots up any grass or other vegetation growing on any such embankments, or removes, cuts or in any way injures or causes to be removed, cut or otherwise injured, any trees, bushes, grass or hedge intended for the protection of such embankment;
(9) violates any rule made under the Act, for breach where of a penalty may be incurred.
shall, in case the offence shall not amount to mischief within the meaning of the 1[Penal Code], and on conviction before a Magistrate, be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty taka or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month, or to both.

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