Laws of Bangladesh

The Constitution of the People‌‌‍’s Republic of Bangladesh

( ACT NO. OF 1972 )

Chapter II


Tenure of office of Prime Minister
57. (1) The office of the Prime Minister shall become vacant–
(a) if he resigns from office at any time by placing his resignation in the hands of the President; or
(b) if he ceases to be a member of Parliament.
(2) If the Prime Minister ceases to retain the support of a majority of the members of Parliament, he shall either resign his office or advise the President in writing to dissolve Parliament, and if he so advises the President shall, if he is satisfied that no other member of Parliament commands the support of the majority of the members of Parliament, dissolve Parliament accordingly.
(3) Nothing in this article shall disqualify Prime Minister for holding office until his successor has entered upon office.

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