Laws of Bangladesh

The Constitution of the People‌‌‍’s Republic of Bangladesh

( ACT NO. OF 1972 )


(In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful)/

In the name of the Creator, the Merciful.]


We, the people of Bangladesh, having proclaimed our independence on the 26th day of March, 1971 and through 2[a historic struggle for national liberation], established the independent, sovereign People's Republic of Bangladesh;


3[Pledging that the high ideals of nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism, which inspired our heroic people to dedicate themselves to, and our brave martyrs to sacrifice their lives in, the national liberation struggle, shall be the fundamental principles of the Constitution;]


Further pledging that it shall be a fundamental aim of the State to realise through the democratic process a socialist society, free from exploitation a society in which the rule of law, fundamental human rights and freedom, equality and justice, political, economic and social, will be secured for all citizens;


Affirming that it is our sacred duty to safeguard, protect and defend this Constitution and to maintain its supremacy as the embodiment of the will of the people of Bangladesh so that we may prosper in freedom and may make our full contribution towards international peace and co operation in keeping with the progressive aspirations of mankind;


In our Constituent Assembly, this eighteenth day of Kartick, 1379 B.S., corresponding to the fourth day of November, 1972 A.D., do hereby adopt, enact and give to ourselves this Constitution.


Chapter II


Consolidated Fund and the Public Account of the Republic
84. (1) All revenues received by the Government, all loans raised by the Government, and all moneys received by it in repayment of any loan, shall form part of one fund to be known as the Consolidated Fund.
(2) All other public moneys received by or on behalf of the Government shall be credited to the Public Account of the Republic.

  • 1
    Substituted for the words, commas, signs and brackets "BISMILLAH-AR-RAHMAN-AR-RAHIM (In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)" by the Constitution (Fifteenth Amendment) Act, 2011 (Act XIV of 2011), section 2.
  • 2
    Substituted for the words "a historic war for national independence" by the Constitution (Fifteenth Amendment) Act, 2011 (Act XIV of 2011), section 3.
  • 3
    Substituted for the former second paragraph by the Constitution (Fifteenth Amendment) Act, 2011 (Act XIV of 2011), section 3.
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