Laws of Bangladesh

The Rajshahi University Act, 1973

( ACT NO. XXVI OF 1973 )

Powers and duties of the Vice-Chancellor
12. (1) The Vice-Chancellor, shall be a whole-time principal academic and executive officer of the University and shall be an ex-officio member and the Chairman of the Senate, the Syndicate, the Academic Council, the Selection Boards, the Committee for Advanced Studies and the Planning and Development Committee. He shall be entitled to be present and to speak at any meeting of any Authority or other body of the University, but shall not be entitled to vote thereat, unless he is a member of the Authority or body concerned.
(2) It shall be the duty of the Vice-Chancellor to see that this Act, the Statutes and the University Ordinances are faithfully observed, and he shall have all powers necessary for this purpose.
(3) The Vice-Chancellor shall have power to convene meetings of the Senate, the Syndicate and the Academic Council.
(4) The Vice-Chancellor shall have the right to visit colleges and other institutions affiliated to the University.
(5) The Vice-Chancellor shall have the power to appoint, on a purely temporary basis, ordinarily for a period of not more than six months, officers (excepting the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and the Treasurer), teachers and administrative and subordinate staff and report such action to the Syndicate.
(6) The Vice-Chancellor may, with the approval of the Syndicate, delegate such of his powers and functions as he may consider necessary to such officer or officers of the University as he may deem fit.
(7) In any emergency arising out of the business of the University and requiring, in the opinion of the Vice-Chancellor immediate action, the Vice-Chancellor may take such action as he may deem necessary and shall, within seven days thereafter, report his action to the officer, Authority or other body who or which, in the ordinary course, would have dealt with the matter.
(8) The Vice-Chancellor shall give effect to the orders of the Syndicate regarding the appointment, dismissal and suspension of the officers and teachers of the University, and shall exercise general control over the members of the University. He shall be responsible for the discipline of the University in accordance with this Act, the Statutes and University Ordinances.
(9) The Vice-Chancellor shall exercise such other powers as may be prescribed by the Statutes, the University Ordinances and Regulations.
(10) In case of the Vice-Chancellor not agreeing with the resolution of any Authority or body of the University, he shall have the power to withhold implementation of the resolution and refer it back to the Authority or body concerned with his opinion thereon for re-consideration in its next regular meeting. If in the process of re-consideration the Authority or body concerned does not agree with the Vice-Chancellor, the decision of the Syndicate thereon shall be final.

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