Laws of Bangladesh

The Rajshahi University Act, 1973

( ACT NO. XXVI OF 1973 )

The Treasurer
14. (1) The Treasurer shall be an honorary officer and shall be appointed by the Chancellor on such terms and conditions and for such period, and shall receive such honorarium from the funds of the University, as the Chancellor may determine.
(2) Where any temporary vacancy in the office of the Treasurer occurs by reason of leave, illness or any other cause, the Syndicate shall forthwith report the same to the Chancellor who shall make such arrangements for carrying on the office of the Treasurer as he may think fit.
(3) The Treasurer shall exercise general supervision over the funds of the University, and shall advise in regard to its financial policy.
(4) The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio member of the Syndicate and shall, subject to the control of the Syndicate, manage the property and investments of the University. He shall be responsible for the presentation of the annual budget estimates and statement of accounts.
(5) Subject to the powers of the Syndicate, the Treasurer shall be responsible for seeing that all moneys are expended on the purpose for which they are granted or allotted.
(6) All contracts shall be signed by the Treasurer on behalf of the University.
(7) The Treasurer shall exercise such other powers as may be prescribed by the Statutes and the University Ordinances.

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