Laws of Bangladesh

The Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act, 1974

( ACT NO. XXVI OF 1974 )

Marine scientific research

7H. (1) The Government shall have, subject to international laws and in particular the Convention, right to regulate, authorize and conduct marine scientific research, hydrographic survey and military survey in Territorial Sea, EEZ and Continental Shelf.

(2) Marine scientific research, hydrographic survey and military survey shall not be conducted in any Maritime Zones of Bangladesh without the express consent of the Government.

(3) The Government may make rules for the purpose of the marine scientific research, hydrographic survey and military survey.

Explanation.- For the purpose of this section,-

(a) “Marine scientific research” includes activities in the EEZ and Continental Shelf related to hydrography or oil survey, ocean state estimation, weather, cyclone and Tsunami etc. forecasting, exploration and exploitation of natural resources and underwater cultural heritage, physical oceanography, marine chemistry, marine biology, scientific ocean drillings and geological and geophysical research as well as other activities in the High Seas with a scientific purpose;

(b) “Hydrographic survey” includes activities undertaken for the making of navigation charts and for the safety of navigation including determination of the depth of water, the configuration and nature of the sea floor, the direction and force of the currents,
tides and times of tides and water level and hazards for navigation; and

(c) “Military survey” includes activities undertaken in the EEZ, High Seas and Continental Shelf involving marine data collection for military purposes.]

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