Laws of Bangladesh

The Inland Shipping Ordinance, 1976

( Ordinance NO. LXXII OF 1976 )

Chapter II


Ships when altered are to be registered anew
29. (1) Where an inland ship registered under this Ordinance is so altered as not to correspond with particulars relating to her tonnage or description contained in the register book, she shall be deemed not to be so registered until the registrar shall have, on receipt of an application made to him in this behalf and a certificate of survey from the surveyor stating the particulars of alteration, register the alteration or, if he thinks fit, register the ship anew.
(2) For the purpose of registering an alteration of an inland ship under sub-section (1), the registrar may, require the existing certificate of registry of the ship to be delivered to him, and may either grant in substitution of the existing certificate a new certificate of registry containing a description of the ship as altered or endorsed and sign on the existing certificate a memorandum of the alteration.
(3) For the purpose of registering an inland ship anew under sub-section (1), the registrar shall proceed as in the case of first registry and shall upon the delivery to him of the existing certificate of registry of the ship, the payment of the same registration fee as is payable in the case of first registry and the fulfilment of the other requirements for registry or, in the case of a change of ownership, such of them as he thinks material, register the ship and grant her a new certificate of registry.
(4) When an inland ship is registered anew under this section, her former registry shall be considered as closed, except so far as it relates to any unsatisfied and unexpired certificate of sale entered thereon, but the names of all persons appearing in the former register to be interested in her as owners shall be entered on the new register and the registry anew shall not in any way affect the rights of any of those persons.

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