Laws of Bangladesh

The Acquisition and Requisition of Immovable Property Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. II OF 1982 )

Abatement or revocation of acquisition proceedings
12. 1[(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Ordinance, where in any case the estimated amount of the award of compensation has not been deposited by the requiring person for acquisition of any property under section 5 within the period specified in section 7(4), all proceedings in respect of such acquisition shall, on the expiry of that period, stand abated and a declaration by the Deputy Commissioner to that effect shall be published in the official Gazette.
(2) The Deputy Commissioner may, with the prior approval of the Government, by notification in the official Gazette, revoke all proceedings in respect of acquisition of any property at anytime before the payment of compensation.]
(3) When any proceedings stand abated or are revoked, the Deputy Commissioner shall make an award determining the amount of compensation due for the damage suffered by the owner in consequence of the notice or of any proceedings thereunder and the costs reasonably incurred by him in the prosecution of the proceedings under this Part relating to the said property and shall pay the compensation accordingly.

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    Sub-sections (1) and (2) were substituted by section 7 of the Acquisition and Requisition of Immovable Property (Amendment) Act, 1994 (Act No. XX of 1994)
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