Laws of Bangladesh

The Acquisition and Requisition of Immovable Property Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. II OF 1982 )

Power to enter and inspect
37. (1) With a view to acquiring or requisitioning any property or determining the compensation payable in respect thereof or securing compliance with an order made under this Ordinance, the Deputy Commissioner or any officer, generally or specially authorised by the Deputy Commissioner in this behalf, and any of the assistants and workmen may-
(a) enter upon and survey and take levels of any property;
(b) inspect any property or anything therein;
(c) measure and set out the boundaries and prepare a plan of any property and the intended line of the work, if any, proposed to be made thereon;
(d) mark such levels, boundaries and line by placing marks and cutting trenches, and, where otherwise the survey cannot be completed and the levels taken and the boundaries and line marked, cut down and clear away any part of any standing crop, tree or jungle:
Provided that no person shall enter upon any property without the consent of the occupier thereof unless at least twenty-four hours' previous notice in writing of his intention to do so has been given.
(2) The Deputy Commissioner or the officer authorised by him under sub-section (1) shall, at the time of entry upon any property, pay or tender payment for all necessary damage to be done in such property, and, in case of dispute as to the sufficiency of the amount so paid or tendered, the decision of the Deputy Commissioner shall be final.

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