Laws of Bangladesh

The Standards of Weights and Measures Ordinance, 1982

( Ordinance NO. XII OF 1982 )

Repeal and savings
65. (1) The enactments specified below shall stand repealed in an area in which or in relation to any class of goods or undertakings or weights and measures or users of weights and measures in respect of which this Ordinance comes into force-
(a) the Weights and Measures of Capacity Act, 1871 (XXXI of 1871);
(b) the Measures of Length Act, 1889 (II of 1889);
(c) the Standards of Weight Act, 1939 (IX of 1939); and
(d) the Weights and Measures (Metric System) Act, 1967 (V of 1967).
(2) If, immediately before the commencement of this Ordinance, any provision thereof in any area or in relation to any class of goods or undertakings, there is in force in that area or in relation to that class of goods or undertakings any law which corresponds to this Ordinance or to any such provision thereof and which is not repealed by sub section (1) that corresponding law shall stand repealed.

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