Laws of Bangladesh

The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890

( ACT NO. VIII OF 1890 )

Chapter II


Procedure on admission of application
11. (1) If the Court is satisfied that there is ground for proceeding on the application, it shall fix a day for the hearing thereof, and cause notice of the application and of the date fixed for the hearing-
(a) to be served in the manner directed in the Code of Civil Procedure on-
(i) the parents of the minor if they are residing in Bangladesh,
(ii) the person, if any, named in the petition or letter as having the custody or possession of the person or property of the minor,
(iii) the person proposed in the application or letter to be appointed or declared guardian, unless that person is himself the applicant, and
(iv) any other person to whom, in the opinion of the Court, special notice of the application should be given; and
(b) to be posted on some conspicuous part of the court-house, and of the residence of the minor, and otherwise published in such manner as the Court, subject to any rules made by the 1[Supreme Court] under this Act, thinks fit.
(2) The Government may, by general or special order, require that, when any part of the property described in a petition under section 10, sub-section (1), is land of which a Court of Wards could assume the superintendence, the Court shall also cause a notice as aforesaid to be served on the Collector in whose district the minor ordinarily resides, and on every Collector in whose district any portion of the land is situate, and the Collector may cause the notice to be published in any manner he deems fit.
(3) No charge shall be made by the Court or the Collector for the service or publication of any notice served or published under sub-section (2).

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