Laws of Bangladesh

The Railways Act, 1890

( ACT NO. IX OF 1890 )

Chapter VIII


Report of the railway accidents
83. When any of the following accidents occur in the course of working the railway, namely:-
(a) any accident attended with loss of human life, or with grievous hurt as defined in the 1[Penal Code], or with serious injury to property;
(b) any collision between trains of which one is a train carrying passengers;
(c) the derailment of any train carrying passengers or of any part of such a train;
(d) any accident of a description usually attended with loss of human life or with such grevious hurt as aforesaid or with serious injury to property;
(e) any accident of any other description which the Government may notify in this behalf in the official Gazette;
the railway administration working the railway and, if the accident happens to a train belonging to any other railway administration, the other railway administration also shall, without unnecessary delay, send notice of the accident to the Government and to the Inspector appointed for the railway; and the station master nearest to the place at which the accident occurred or, where there is no station-master, the railway servant in charge of the section of the railway on which the accident occurred shall, without unnecessary delay, give notice of the accident to the Magistrate of the district in which the accident occurred, and to the officer in charge of the police-station within the local limits of which it occurred, or to such other Magistrate and police-officer as the Government appoints in this behalf.

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