Laws of Bangladesh

The Land Reforms Ordinance, 1984

( Ordinance NO. X OF 1984 )

Chapter V


Termination of barga contract
11. (1) No owner shall be entitled to terminate a barga contract except in execution of an order, made by the prescribed authority, on the ground that-
(a) the bargadar has, without any reasonable cause, failed to cultivate the barga land;
(b) the bargadar has, without any reasonable cause, failed to produce any crop equal to the average output of such crop in any land similar to the barga land in the locality;
(c) the bargadar has used the barga land wholly or partly for any purpose other than agriculture;
(d) the bargadar has contravened any provision of this Ordinance or the rules or orders made thereunder;
(e) the bargadar has surrendered or voluntarily abandoned his right of cultivation;
(f) the barga land is not under personal cultivation of the bargadar; or
(g) the owner requires the barga land bona fide for personal cultivation.
(2) If the owner, without reasonable cause, fails to bring under personal cultivation any land on termination of a barga contract under sub-section (1)(g) or allows such land to be cultivated by some other bargadar within twenty four months of the date of such termination, the prescribed authority may, on an application made by the evicted bargadar, restore the possession of the land to such bargadar who shall thereupon continue to cultivate the land till the expiry of the period of barga contract or termination of the barga contract under this Ordinance.

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