Laws of Bangladesh

The Land Reforms Ordinance, 1984

( Ordinance NO. X OF 1984 )

Chapter V


Bargadar’s right to purchase
13. (1) Where the owner intends to sell the barga land, he shall ask the bargadar in writing if he is willing to purchase the land:
Provided that this provision shall not apply where the owner sells the land to a co-sharer or to his parent, wife, son, daughter or son's son or to any other member of his family.
(2) The bargadar shall, within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the offer, inform the owner in writing of his decision to purchase or not to purchase the land.
(3) If the bargadar agrees to purchase the land, he shall negotiate the price of the land with the owner and purchase the land on such terms as may be agreed upon between them.
(4) If the owner does not receive any intimation from the bargadar regarding his decision either to purchase or not to purchase the land within the specified time or if the bargadar informs the owner of his decision not to purchase the land or if the bargadar does not agree to pay the price demanded by the owner, the owner may sell the land to any person he deems fit:
Provided that the owner shall not sell the land to such person at a price which is lower than the price offered by the bargadar.
(5) Where the barga land is purchased by a person other than the bargadar, the barga contract in respect of the land shall be binding upon the purchaser as if the purchaser were a party to the contract.

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