Laws of Bangladesh

The Nazrul Institute Ordinance, 1984

( Ordinance NO. XXXIX OF 1984 )

Functions of the Institute
6. The function of the Institute shall be-
(a) to promote the study of the works of the poet;
(b) to collect the poet's songs and other works from home and abroad and to compile, preserve and publish them;(c) to make necessary arrangement for research on, and publication of, the literature of the poet and for publicity thereof;
(d) to organise conferences, lectures, debates and seminars on matters relating to contributions of the poet on sangeet, literature and in other fields;
(e) to establish library of books, records, tapes and other preservative ensemble relating to Nazrul sangeet and literature;
(f) to prepare musical notation for propagation of Nazrul sangeet in their true spirit, style and system and to supervise their presentation in acceptable standard in gramophone records, commercial tapes, films and books of published notation in Bangladesh;
(g) to provide for proper training in Nazrul sangeet and recitation of the Nazrul poems;
(h) to award prizes and rewards to authors who, in the opinion of the Institute, have made significant contributions in the field of research on the works of the poet;
(i) to do such other acts and things as may be considered necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Ordinance.

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