Laws of Bangladesh

The Government Buildings Act, 1899

( ACT NO. IV OF 1899 )

Objections or suggestions as to erection, etc., of certain Government buildings within municipalities how to be made and dealt with.
4.(1) In the case of any such building as is mentioned in the last preceding section (not being a building connected with defence or a building the plan or construction of which ought, in the opinion of the Government, to be treated as confidential or secret), the municipal authority, or any person authorized by it in this behalf, may, with the permission of the Government previously obtained, but not otherwise, and subject to any restrictions or conditions which may, by general or special order, be imposed by the Government, inspect the land and building and all plans connected with its erection, re-erection, construction or material structural alteration, as the case may be, and may submit to the Government a statement in writing of any objections or suggestions which such municipal authority may deem fit to make with reference to such erection, re-erection, construction or material structural alternation.
(2) Every objection or suggestion submitted as aforesaid shall be considered by the Government, which shall, after such investigation (if any) as it shall think advisable, pass orders thereon, and the building referred to therein shall be erected, re-erected, constructed or altered, as the case may be, in accordance with such orders:
Provided that, if the Government over-rules or disregards any such objection or suggestion as aforesaid, it shall give its reasons for so doing in writing.

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