Laws of Bangladesh

The Works of Defence Act, 1903

( ACT NO. VII OF 1903 )

Restrictions with reference to airfield.
1[7A. From and after the publication of the notice mentioned in section 3, sub-section (2), such of the following restrictions as the Government may in its discretion declare therein shall attach with reference to the land in the vicinity of an air field, namely:
(a) No variation shall be made in the ground level, and no building, wall or other construction above the ground level and no obstruction or ditch shall be permitted in the Clearance Area.
(b) No building, wall, bank or other construction above the ground level shall be maintained, erected, added to or altered in the Funnel Area, Area of Restricted Height, Transition Surface, Inner Conical Surface and Outer Horizontal Surface, otherwise than with the written approval of the General Officer Commanding the Division, and on such conditions as he may prescribe.]

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    Section 7A was inserted by section 4 of the Works of Defence (Amendment) Ordinance, 1961 (Ordinance No. XXXIV of 1961).
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