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The Bangladesh Code


Act No. III of 1872 to Act No. II of 1882
Year : Act Name : Act Number :
  Short Title Act No.
  The Special Marriage Act, 1872   III
  The Contract Act, 1872   IX
  The Christian Marriage Act, 1872   XV
  The Government Savings Banks Act, 1873   V
  The Oaths Act, 1873   X
  The Married Women's Property Act, 1874   III
  The Foreign Recruiting Act, 1874   IV
  The Survey Act, 1875   V
  The Majority Act, 1875   IX
  The Law Reports Act, 1875   XVIII
  The Irrigation Act, 1876   III
  The Specific Relief Act, 1877   I
  The Treasure-Trove Act, 1878   VI
  The Arms Act, 1878   XI
  The Court of Wards Act, 1879   IX
  The Touts Act, 1879   XVIII
  The Religious Societies Act, 1880   I
  The Vaccination Act, 1880   V
  The Kazis Act, 1880   XII
  The Municipal Taxation Act, 1881   XI
  The Obstructions in Fairways Act, 1881   XVI
  The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881   XXVI
  The Trusts Act, 1882   II

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