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The Bangladesh Code


Act No. XXXVII of 1984 to Act No. LXIV of 1986
Year : Act Name : Act Number :
  Short Title Act No.
  The Bangladesh Women's Rehabilitation and Welfare Foundation (Repeal) Ordinance, 1984   XXXVII
  The Nazrul Institute Ordinance, 1984 [Repealed]   XXXIX
  The Finance Ordinance, 1984   XLII
  The Fisheries Research Institute Ordinance, 1984 [Repealed]   XLV
  The Districts (Extension to the Chittagong Hill-tracts) Ordinance, 1984   LXXI
  The Khulna City Corporation Ordinance, 1984 [Repealed]   LXXII
  ভূমি-খতিয়ান (পার্বত্য চট্টগ্রাম) অধ্যাদেশ, ১৯৮৪   2
  The Public Servants (Dismissal on Conviction) Ordinance, 1985   V
  The Ghousul Azam Abdul Qader Jillani Mosque Trust (Repeal) Ordinance, 1985   XVII
  The Family Courts Ordinance, 1985   XVIII
  The Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation Ordinance, 1985   XXI
  The Surplus Public Servants Absorption Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XXIV
  The Government Primary School Teachers Welfare Trust Ordinance, 1985   XXVI
  The Ground Water Management Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XXVII
  The Finance Ordinance, 1985   XXXII
  Bangladesh Bridge Authority Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XXXIV
  The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XXXVII
  The Civil Aviation Authority Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XXXVIII
  The Youth Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1985 [Repealed]   XL
  The Khulna Metropolitan Police Ordinance, 1985   LII
  The Abandoned Buildings (Supplementary Provisions) Ordinance, 1985   LIV
  The Chittagong Shahi Jame Masjid Ordinance, 1986   II
  The Official Vehicles (Regulation of Use) Ordinance, 1986 [Repealed]   VI
  The Drugs (Supplementary Provisions) Ordinance, 1986   XIII
  The Police (Non-Gazetted Employees) Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1986   XXXIII
  The Special Security Force Ordinance, 1986   XLIII
  The Finance Ordinance, 1986   XLV
  The Development Board Laws (Repeal) Ordinance, 1986   XLVI
  The Public Corporations (Management Co-ordination) Ordinance, 1986   XLVIII
  The Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank Ordinance, 1986 [Repealed]   LVIII
  The Bangladesh Cha Sramik Kallyan Fund Ordinance, 1986 [Repealed]   LXII
  The Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development Ordinance, 1986 [Repealed]   LXIV

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