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  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 15th February, 1973  
     WHEREAS it is expedient to re-constitute and re-organize the University of Dhaka for the purpose of improving the teaching and research provided thereby and the administration thereof; 1
    NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of paragraph 3 of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and in exercise of all powers enabling him in that behalf, the President is pleased to make the following Order:-
1. (1) This Order may be called
2. In this Order, and in all
3. (1) The University shall consist of
4. The University shall have the powers:-
5. Save as otherwise provided in this
6. The University shall be open to
7. (1) All recognised teaching in connection
8. (1) The Commission shall have the
9. The following shall be the officers
10. (1) The President of the People's
11. (1) The Vice-Chancellor shall be appointed
12. (1) The Vice-Chancellor shall be whole
[13. (1) The Chancellor may, if he
14. [(1) The Treasurer shall be a
15. The Registrar shall act as Secretary
16. The Inspector of Colleges shall perform
17. The Controller of Examinations shall be
18. The powers of officers of the
19. The following shall be the authorities
20. (1) The senate shall consist of
21. (1) The Senate shall, on a
22. Subject to the provisions of this
23. (1) The Syndicate shall be the
24. The Syndicate shall- (a) hold, control
25. The Academic Council shall be the
26. (1) The Academic Council shall consist
27. (1) The University shall include the
28. (1) The Head of every teaching
29. (1) There shall be two kinds
30. There shall be Boards of Advanced
31. (1) The Finance Committee shall consist
32. (1) The Planning and Development Committee
33. (1) There shall be Selection Boards
34. The constitution, powers and duties of
35. (1) A college seeking affiliation to
36. The University shall set up a
37. The constitution, powers and duties of
38. Subject to the provisions of this
39. (1) The Statutes of the University
40. Subject to the provisions of this
41. (1) The University Ordinances shall be
42. (1) The authorities and the Boards
43. Every student of the University shall
44. The Halls of the University shall
45. (1) The Hostels shall be such
46. (1) Admission of students to the
47. (1) All arrangements for the conduct
48. The annual report of the University
49. (1) The annual accounts and the
50. The Chancellor may with the concurrence
51. If, in the absence of any
52. (1) An appeal against the order
53. Where any authority of the University
54. All casual vacancies in the office
[55. No act or proceedings of any
56. (1) Every salaried teacher and officer
57. (1) The University shall, in such
58. The Government or the Commission shall
59. (1) The Dhaka University Ordinance, 1961
60. Upon the coming into force of
61. If any difficulty arises with respect

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