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(ACT NO. XXIII OF 1918).
  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 26th September, 1918  
     1 An Act to take powers to provide for the cheap supply of cotton cloth to the poorer classes of the community.
    WHEREAS it is expedient to take powers for the purpose of encouraging or maintaining the supply, at reasonable rates, to the poorer classes of the community, of cotton cloth manufactured in this country; It is here by enacted as follows:-
1. Short title
2. Definitions
3. Power to appoint Controllers
4. Powers of the Controller
5. Appointment of Advisory Committees
6. Manufacture and delivery of standard cloth
7. Delegation of powers
8. Penalty for disobedience of orders under section 4
9. Power to fix prices of standard cloth
10. Limitation of sale of standard cloth
11. Grant of licences for sale of standard cloth
12. Rule-making power
13. Protection for acts done under the Act
14. Powers of Act to be cumulative

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