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(ACT NO. XIV OF 1920).
  Part No : Chapter No : Section No: [ 20th March, 1920  
     An Act to provide more effectual control over the administration of Charitable and Religious Trusts.
    WHEREAS it is expedient to provide facilities for the obtaining of information regarding trusts created for public purposes of a charitable or religious nature, and to enable the trustees of such trusts to obtain the directions of a Court on certain matters, and to make special provision for the payment of the expenditure incurred in certain suits against the trustees of such trusts; It is hereby enacted as follows:-
1. Short title and extent
2. Interpretation
3. Power to apply to the Court in respect of trusts of a charitable or religious nature
4. Contents and verification of petition
5. Procedure on petition
6. Failure of trustee to comply with order under section 5
7. Powers of trustee to apply for directions
8. Cost of petition under this Act
9. Savings
10. Power of Courts as to costs in certain suits against trustees of charitable and religious trusts
11. Provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure to apply
12. Barring of appeals
13. Act not to apply to waqf property in Bangladesh

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