(ACT NO. XXI OF 1860).
  [21st May, 1860]
  Societies enable to alter, extend or abridge their purposes  
12.(a) Whenever it shall appear to the governing body of any society registered under this Act, which has been established for any particular purpose or purposes, that it is advisable to alter, extend or abridge such purpose to or for other purposes within the meaning of this Act, or to amalgamate such society either wholly or partially with any other society, such governing body may submit the proposition to the members of the society in a written or printed report and may convene a special meeting for the consideration thereof according to the regulations of the society;

but no such proposition shall be carried into effect unless such report shall have been delivered or sent by post to every member of the society ten days previous to the special meeting convened by the governing body for the consideration thereof, nor unless such proposition shall have been agreed to by the votes of three-fifths of the members delivered in person or by proxy, and confirmed by the votes of three-fifths of the members present at a second special meeting convened by the governing body at an interval of one month after the former meeting.

12.(b) 1[ Any such alteration, extension or abridgement or, as the case may be, amalgamation or any change in the name, address or list of Directors, members of the executive committee, governing body or any other body of the society shall be intimated to the registrar for record within twenty-one days from the date of such alteration, extension, amalgamation or change, as the case may be.]
1 The clause was added by section 3 of the Societies Registration (Amendment) Ordinance, 1978 (Ordinance No. XXXIII of 1978)


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