[28th March, 1973]
6. (1) No person shall –

(a) (i) hunt any wild animal by means of a set-gun, drop spear, deadfall, gun trap, an explosive projectile bomb, grenade, electrical contrivances, a baited hook or any other trap whatsoever;

(ii) hunt any game animal by means of an automatic weapon of a calibre, used by the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Rifle or Police Force, a shot gun, rifle of 22 calibre or less, or a projectile containing any drug or chemical substance having the property of anesthetising, paralysing, stupifying or rendering 1[ a wild animal] crippled whether partly or totally;

(b) (i) use any motor vehicle, motor driven vessel, watercraft of any type or aircraft or any other manually or mechanically propelled vehicle of any type to pursue any game animal, or to drive or stampede game animals for any purpose whatsoever;

(ii) use or have in his possession any poison or like injurious substance for the purpose of hunting a game animal;

(iii) shoot any game animal from any aircraft, motor vehicle, rail trolley cart, boats or any kind of watercraft or any other conveyance;

(iv) hunt with the help of live decoys, call birds or any other artificial contrivances;

(c) construct or use or have in his possession any pitfall, game pit, trench or similar excavation or any fence or enclosure, or set fire to any vegetation or any other contrivance for the purpose of hunting any game animal.

(2) It shall not be an offence to use a motor vehicle or aircraft to drive any wild animal away from an aerodrome or airstrip when such action is necessary to ensure the safety of aircraft using that aerodrome.

(3) 2[ An officer may] grant capture licence and allow employment of a method of hunting specified in clause (1).
1 The words “a wild animal” were substituted for the words “an animal” by section 4 of the Bangladesh Wild Life (Preservation) (Amendment) Act, 1974 (Act No. XVII of 1974)

2 The words “An officer may” were substituted for the words and commas “The Officer authorised in this behalf may, at his discretion,” by section 4 of the Bangladesh Wild Life (Preservation) (Amendment) Act, 1974 (Act No. XVII of 1974)


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