Laws of Bangladesh

The Irrigation Act, 1876

( ACT NO. III OF 1876 )

Obligation and right of owner of village-channel
59. Every owner of a village-channel shall be bound–
(a) to construct and maintain all works necessary for the passage across such village-channel of canals, village-channels, drainage-channels and public roads existing at the time of its construction, and of the drainage intercepted by it, and for affording proper communications across it for the convenience of the occupants of neighbouring lands;
(b) to maintain such village-channel in a fit state of repair for the conveyance of water;
(c) to allow the use of it to others on such terms as may be declared equitable by the canal-officer as hereinafter prescribed;
and shall be entitled–
(d) to have a supply of water by such village-channel at such rates and on such terms as are prescribed by the rules made by the Government under section 99;
(e) to receive such rent for the use of the village-channel by other persons as the canal-officer may award him.

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